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Family Trip to Grand Canyon

Oh, The Places We Travel! is dedicated to sharing travel tips on planning your family vacations, romantic getaways, road trips, cruises and more, as well as ways to save money on your vacations.

Places to See, Food to Eat, Things to Do and Where to Stay – we share our experiences while traveling the world. Get a glimpse into our adventures both near and far.

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Dwan Perrin-Johns

As an avid traveler and mom to five, Dwan loves to live life to the fullest.  Whether camping at the local state park, traveling around Europe by train, or relaxing near the crystal waters in Roatan, she enjoys exploring and sharing life experiences with her family. Although she loves to visit her favorite destinations over again, she finds thrills in exploring new places and marking items off her life list.
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Andrew Johns

As a budding photographer, Andrew makes it his mission to document each trip through his lens. His favorite form of travel is aboard a cruise ship, where he can both relax and seek adventure through countless excursions. When he's not behind the camera, a few of his favorite travel hobbies include hiking, fishing, and snorkeling.
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Tapanga Perrin

Developing a love for travel at a young age, Tapanga's first big vacation was a trip to the Bahamas aboard a Disney cruise at six-years-old.  As a culinary arts student and member of the military, she is eager to taste her way around the world.  Cruising through Greece and taking the train through Italy ignited her interest in international travel.  As an adventure seeker she loves zip-lining through the rainforest in Belize.
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